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CruzArTango SnowRed

Handmade Tango Shoes For Women

Organically embracing the movement of your dancer feet.

Committed to providing quality Tango shoes that are optimized for comfort, stability, flexibility, durability and elegance of movement, Cruzartango is the result of a continuing exploration of organic and ergonomic dance shoes. They are built with a flexible sole, generous padding and a steady slightly wider heel for stability.

Diana Cruz is constantly introducing new models, leather and color combinations, personally chosen for the Cruzartango line of women tango shoes!! These shoes are hand made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in limited editions!

The entire Cruzartango Store is now On Sale (5% to 60% off) for stock renewal.

A variety of new colors and combinations are on their way!.

If you are looking to own a pair/s with specific variants, please fill in the form below, we will contact you with available options that may match your dream pair of Tango Shoes! 

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