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Upcoming Events

Diana Cruz in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, AR

Dec 14th-23rd & Jan 14th-Feb 22nd

Available for private lessons

'Leading for Ladies'


Buenos Aires, AR 

Wednesdays in February 

'Leading for Ladies’ taught by Diana Cruz and Veronika Kruta. 

Diana Cruz's Online Tango Program



Launched in May 2023 - Ongoing

A structured and crafted video library of Diana Cruz's technique & concepts. Plus personalized Micro Privates, with weekly 'Send-a-vid' assessments and individual exercises assignments.



Buenos Aires, AR 

Tuesday, February 20th 

Diana Cruz performs with renown Tango dancer, Octavio Fernández, at the iconic milonga in Buenos Aires, Parakultural, at Salón Marabu.

Women's Buenos Aires Tango Retreat

Dian y Vero 16042023-_MG_8109.jpg

Buenos Aires, AR

April 18th - 25th & May 19th - 26th

An immersive tango experience for women, taught and curated by female duo Diana Cruz and Veronika Kruta. 

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